Works rig: 1965 Fiat 1100T

Our interest in classic work vehicles is certainly nothing new, which is why when we see one that is rare or that seems to have a special history, we publish it.

And here comes a Fiat 1100 T (one of the most popular vans in Italy in the 1960s) which seems to be one of the official vehicles of the Maserati factory, and also bears the painted writing “Via Ciro Menotti” on the side. registered office of the trident factory. By the way, it looks like a service van from the racing department, so it’s probably extremely rare.

The seller says that this van has been standing still for over twenty years (we did not understand if in Italy, where it comes from, or in France where it is currently located) but he also says that this van participated in the filming of the film Le mans ’66 : we will be forced to review the film and try to locate it in some frame. Find it for sale at € 7,000 (today $ 8,300) here in Loir et Cher, France.


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