Aluminium torpedo: 1920 Lancia Lambda Siluro

Ok we certainly know the Lancia Lambda, not only for the number of its variants but above all for the innovative contribution it has made to the global automotive industry.

One thing that speaks for all: it was the first car with a monocoque construction; and we believe that this is enough to show how far this car was ahead of its competitors, often with much more prestigious names. And it is also understandable why, at the time, many customers (certainly wealthy) remained faithful to the Lancia brand for life: the saying “There is more technology in a Lancia hubcap than in an entire Ferrari”, was not so exaggerated.

This lambda in particular: the seller says that the body was entirely rebuilt in aluminum: from this sentence we seem to understand that we started from the naked body and that the body was recently rebuilt, however it is not clear to us if the car was actually born with this bodywork or if it is posthumed: in any case it seems to have been made with great care and attention to detail, and left “naked” certainly to show the mastery of the sheet metal beater. It sure looks like a great car, as well as being a great conversation piece. Find it for sale at €235,000 (today $280,000) here in Brescia, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Aluminium torpedo: 1920 Lancia Lambda Siluro

  1. ” … being a great conversation piece”. Frankly, if I was the owner I’d prefer not to hear the unfortunate and unpleasant comments this wretch body project deserves.
    If you really can not resist to the temptation to forge a fake, do it with grace.


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