40 years entombed: 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

This is the story, somehow already heard before, of a Giulietta Sprint which, together with four other Alfa Romeos, was buried in a warehouse forty years ago.

It is all well explained in this article by Hagerty dating back to last June. Long story short: forty years ago the owner of these cars died and the person to whom they had been entrusted decides, certainly to get rid of any hassle, to lock up three of these cars in a warehouse that did not even have a door entrance. The other two, the Sprint and the Spider, locked up in a garage next door. This story came this year to the ears of a company that went down and recovered the cars in question.

This Sprint is one of the four: certainly the other most interesting is the Giulietta Spider which, to the eye, seems to have suffered more from the Pennsylvania climate. The Sprint – the only one of the four that we found at auction – seems quite solid and complete: several parts are missing but all of them are quite easily available on the market, in the end it will all depend on the hammer price. Find it for sale here in Philadelphia, PA, with bidding at $3,650 ad reserve not met.


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