Orange racer: 1956 DB HBR 5 “Mille Miglia”

Perhaps it is a bit late for the participation of the Mille Miglia 2020 (in progress these days), however if the thing still interests you, this car could be the right one.

It is in fact a Panhard HBR 5 first series, built in 1956 and characterized, precisely as the first series, by retractable headlights, M10S type engine, gearbox with long ratio first gear, twin exhaust and a beautiful orange color tone.

However, the right to participate in the MM is not linked to the year and model itself but to the fact that this car – so says the seller – has participated in the last two editions of the most famous race in the world and in this regard he has also published a photos of the time: it would be very interesting to know more. Find it for sale at € 52,000 (today $ 61,000) here in Longué-Jumelles, France.


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