Former sedan: 1938 Fiat 508C Berlinetta by Geburth


We have written several times, but we will never tire of thinking or reiterating it, that if there is a story that deserves to be told, that concerns the countless creations based on Fiat 1100 chassis.


And we are not only talking about the 1100-103 frames but also those of the previous series, that is the frame on which this special was built. Maybe we also happened to see this car in the past, leafing through the thousands of images of classic cars seen in recent years, but we have not seen it so in detail.


Long story short: this car was born as a normal Fiat 508, finished in Austria and, in 1955, transformed there into this elegant car by Geburth, the factory owned by the uncle of the owner, with a unique bodywork complete with details (front and rear lights, grille front, wheels etc.) borrowed from other contemporary cars. The engine was instead taken from a Fiat 1100-103. The result to us seems splendid and, considering the well-documented history of the car (as well as the car itself), the price seems fair. Find it for sale at $75,000 here in Costa Mesa, CA.


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