Moretti mates: Two 1968 Moretti Sportiva


Lately we have often seen Moretti Sportiva on sale, but these were especially in Italy, very rarely in other countries and especially in the USA, as long as back then this small car costed almost as much as a full size Pontiac.


This article is written to report even two of them, in the hands of the same owner: one is perfectly driveable and seems to need nothing, the other is unusable and incomplete but, ugly to say, can be used as a donor for the healthy one, and it’s not a small thing since spare parts, especially for the bodywork, are not commodities.


Of the two, the drivable sister is also painted in an elegant blue: it is not impossible to find this color on a Moretti Sportiva, but not easy either. In any case, for once it is a different color from the red one in which 80% of all those produced were painted. The price for both is $ 48,000 and you can find them here in Colorado Springs, CO.


One thought on “Moretti mates: Two 1968 Moretti Sportiva

  1. Lovely cars, though they are not – as stated in the ad – Moretti Sportiva S2 (52 units built), but Moretti Sportiva (roughly 250 units built).


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