Clean cab: 1950 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet


We have already written on other occasions how difficult it is to find a nice, early Typ 1 specimen for sale, and we meant a specimen with a closed roof. Finding a cabriolet is extremely unlikely.


All the more if we are talking about a specimen – according to the seller – which has never been restored and which still has the original upholstery which for years has been protected by special covers and, for this reason, is still in exceptional condition.


The engine is the original one: we are talking about 25 hp which, today, seem ridiculous but the added value it gives to the car is remarkable. The capoe is also original: it opens and closes and sincerely, after all these years, we are stunned at how well it still knows. The price? Very high but, on the other hand, special cars fetch special prices. Find it for sale at $145,000 here in Carmel, CA.


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