Below average: 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider by Touring


We do not need to remind you how much the prices of the classic Alfa have risen in recent years, in particular, of course, those relating to the limited series and spider models.


Clearly, the 102 and 106 series have not shied away from this trend – favorable for those who already owned these cars, but negative for new, potential buyers – and today finding a good one also means paying a stratospheric price. Or there are still some wrecks which, however, others to money also require time and effort to be restored. This 2600 instead, seems to belong to the – now very rare – intermediate category.


Unfortunately the published photos are in low resolution, however what we seem to observe is a car preserved over the years, surely repainted at some point in its history and, most likely, mechanically maintained in order to make it a daily driver: the actual owner has it since 1989. Some details such as the missing bar in the front shield make it clear that this is far from an exhibition car, however it constitutes the possibility of getting your hands on a specimen of this large spider without selling your home. Find it for sale at €75,000 (today $81,000) here in Nice, France.


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