Two of few: 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 Primavera by Boano

Screen Shot 03-18-20 at 11.53 AMScreen Shot 03-18-20 at 11.54 AM

As often happens – far too much, actually – we are talking about a rare car that hardly appears on the market, and here is another one after only one week.

Screen Shot 03-18-20 at 11.54 AM 001

Two cars that are part of a single batch of about 300 specimens, on sale simultaneously after more than sixty years are a curious coincidence, however we are neither philosophers nor quantum physicists so we are satisfied with a humble and short review, with no historical hints since that they were already written a week ago on the occasion of the review of another 1900 Primavera.

Screen Shot 03-18-20 at 11.54 AM 002

This car was clearly found in original condition, as can be seen from the first photo, and the new owner has started a restoration work (seeing the first photos, perhaps it was not even necessary, at least for the bodywork) which to a at some point it stopped: the metal work seems finished, the car is certainly complete but it will take a great effort to catalog all the dismantled parts to verify that nothing has been lost. Unfortunately the seller did not declare the asking price, however the car still had to be reported. Find it for sale here in Rosenheim, Germany.


2 thoughts on “Two of few: 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 Primavera by Boano

  1. What a crime to dismantle that unmolested, lovely patinated Primavera! And now? Its history is gone, the car itself spoiled for ever. Those “collectors” should be banned from appearing anymore in public.


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