Black over red: 1968 Simca 1200S Coupé by Bertone


It has been a while since we have found a Simca 1200S for sale. Not just any 1200S but one that has an affordable price.


In addition to having an affordable price, the car must also be in good condition because, although these are generally cars that do not require demanding restorations, it is also true that even for an inexpensive car, making extensive repairs to the bodywork still costs a lot of money as it requires little material but a lot of manual work.


On this particular car, on the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be anything to do; the seller says that the car was restored a few years ago in compliance with the original specifications, with the exception of some details such as the oil cooler and Cromodora alloy wheels, in addition to the additional fog lights. The interior looks beautiful as well as the red exterior which looks very good also thanks to the black vinyl coated roof. Find it for sale at €23,000 (today $25,500) here in Gorinchem, Netherlands.


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