1 of 45: 1947 HRG Aerodynamic


The seller of this very rare car which, including us, few know, has been rather stingy in the description; consequently we will try to fill these gaps.


The point is that it is not only this model that is rare (as it is produced in only 45 units), but the entire production of this mysterious British house has stopped at 245 specimens that include all the models designed and built in the twenty years ranging from 1936 to 1956, the year in which the company produced its last car.


As is evident, even though most of the company’s life has developed since the 1940s, the lines of this car still follow the styles of the 1930s, but this is not new for connoisseurs of English cars: the real break with the past by British automotive production will only come in 1961, with the advent of the iconic E-Type. This particular car is called Aerodynamic and is powered by a 1500 cc four-cylinder Singer engine. The car has clearly been restored, apparently at a high level, so we don’t doubt that it can be admitted to any elegance contest on the planet. Find it for sale at €155,000 (today $172,000) here in Haguenau, France.


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