Two times four: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA




Where did Alfa Romeo go? Where did its ability to make fans dream and to generate respect in the competition opponents? These are obvious questions of which we know the answer well.


The answer is complex and simple at the same time: companies are made of people, and when the right people disappear in a company, the right things done by the company also disappear. You will tell me: money first, but I would answer that people like Ferdinand Piech, a true car guy and Deus Ex Machina of Porsche and Audi from the late 60s until the late 90s, have been able to create great value for the company and great cars for the people at the same time.


Sorry for the digression above, but it spontaneously emerged after seeing one of the most beautiful cars from the post-war period to today, daughter of Giugiaro and Autodelta: the first gave her beauty, the second gave her the power. This car clearly has an Italian past and was in fact prepared by Angelini, the greatest Alfa Romeo tuner (from Rome) after Autodelta itself. This was probably born as a road car, and therefore transformed to face 200 races in the last 40 years. Find it for sale at $395,000 here in West Palm Beach, FL.


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