Torqueless Wonder: 1973 Jensen Healey


The Lotus 907 engine installed in this Jensen Healey was called “The Torqueless Wonder” for its lack of bottom end but good high end horsepower.


Certainly the behavior does not surprise us: ask for 144 bhp to a 2000 c.c. naturally aspirated, built almost 50 years ago, and also to expect a consistent driving couple at low speeds, it’s a bit like eating your cake and keep it: it simply wasn’t possible.


But what intrigues us about this car is first and foremost the fact that it is a spider produced in just under three thousand specimens, so a rare car and also the pleasant aspect, even if not extraordinary, the engine is a purebred horse and the general condition of the car looks very good: if we add to this a very affordable price, the whole package becomes very attractive. Find it for sale at $5,950 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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