Not that simple: 1954 Meyers Manx – VW – Porsche

b2Many of you know the history of these buggies and therefore know that the car as the world knows it was created in 1964 by Bruce Meyers, a former surfer and boat builder.


Obviously Meyer produced only bodies but not numbered frames that could be registered to circulate on the road: for this it needed a donor VW from which to take the chassis (and therefore the year of construction) which in this specific case dates back to 1954.


But that’s not all: the engine comes from a Porsche 356 (but it’s not known which model and year) and is fed by two Weber double throat carburettors. The rest of the car is set with nice Fuchs rims and a rack of deep headlights installed above, while inside there are two seats that seem to come from a Porsche Speedster and the instrumentation from a Porsche 356: the whole it seems to have cost over 40k dollars, and we can’t hardly believe it. Find it for sale here in Burlington, VT, with bidding at $6,000 and reserve not met.

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