Spica equipped: 1959 Alfa Romeo 455


In the past we published another truck, but it was a specimen of the Lancia Esatau, very rare but certainly no more rare than this Alfa Romeo 455.


We don’t have a lot of documentation on this truck series, but let’s assume some readers have it and it would be nice to share information with other CV readers. What we do know is that this series is produced after the 450 model, and that it is powered by a 6.3-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, powered by SPICA mechanical injection.


It is a vehicle for true Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, it is in fact equipped with a tilting bed on which we have already seen (at classic car rallies) to carry classic Alfa cars, in fact as an idea it is not bad at all but the problem here is that you must have a specific license to drive this type of vehicle. For the rest, it is clear that the truck has been completely restored above and below and is painted with a beautiful combination of colors. Find iit for sale at €55,000 (today $61,000) here in Vergiate, Italy.


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