Hybrid output: 1953 Lancia – Ariel Square Four MKII


Who says Custom culture has been limited only to the United States? Also in Italy he found followers although, due to the restrictive laws on motor vehicle modifications, everything was more difficult.


Nevertheless, in the past many have experimented with “different” solutions for their mechanical vehicles with two, three or four wheels, as in the case of this Ariel Square Four, produced in England in 1953, whose engine was replaced in the past with that of a Lancia Ardea.


If you think about it, the replacement of the original engine with that of an Ardea is less strange than it may seem: the layout of the cylinders of both engines is similar: the Square Four has two crankshafts while the engine of the Lancia is a ” narrow “V, but in the end it is not a real distortion. The bike seems in fair condition and we would be really curious to see it running. Find it for sale at €6,800 (today $7,600) here in Sinalunga, Italy.


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