Yellow, sometimes: 1969 Francis Lombardi Grand Prix


Sometimes it is pleasant to see that there are variations of color for these small berlinettes produced on the basis of the Fiat 850: probably the green is what we like best, but also yellow is not bad at all.


It is not bad, in particular if it is known the combination with the fabric of the seats: the seller says this is a specimen of pre-series (we do not know what the differences are between the very first specimens and the others), but we have never seen the seats decorated with longitudinal stripes, as in this case.


In addition to this, the car is equipped with a set of beautiful Campagnolo alloy wheels (produced at the end of the 60s) and is very complete, it seems that absolutely nothing, although it is clear that the car needs a complete restoration; however we have seen much worse than this. Find it for sale at €13,800 (today $15,300) here in Badia Polesine, Italy.


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