No step: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT


Among the various options on the modification of a vintage car, there are some that work on some characteristic details of a specific model: not to enhance them, but to eliminate them.


And in fact this is not the first time we see a similar approach: believe it or not, there are Alfa enthusiasts who do not like the “step” on the GT nose produced until 1970, we ourselves have known the owner of the – probably – most beautiful GT Veloce on earth, which did not like the front (!)


The previous owner has therefore eliminated this characteristic, not using filler but cutting and welding the metal to make the nose assume its current shape. Another change concerned the rear end that was modified to accommodate new taillights (from a Camaro?), And this part should also be restored to its original condition. For the rest, this GT born in white, still presents most of the original details, it looks complete (even if partially disassembled) and dry. Find it for sale here in Hartselle, AL. with bidding at $3,380 and reserve not met.


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