Most of the top: 1958 Karmann Ghia Cabriolet


We will be brief and concise in describing this car, starting in particular from some collecting considerations.


The considerations are far from complex: in essence the Karmann Ghia cabrio is a car built with the typical solidity of a German product, with a line designed in Italy and, last but not least important, with a soft top instead of a rigid one , which in itself has a value. This means that this model, in particular the pre-1960 model called “lowlight”, will continue to be revalued.


This car in particular is for sale by the owner who says he is an expert on Cadllac, however he acquired this car together with others and consequently he is now selling it: the most important feature is that the engine is matching numbers and that the chassis of the soft top is almost complete, some parts are missing but we don’t believe that finding it a big problem, surely it will be a lower problem than rust removal. Find it for sale at $12,900 here in Poolesville, MD.


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