Red shift: 1985 Innocenti Mini De Tomaso Turbo


No, I didn’t go crazy for publishing this car, rather I’m nostalgic because as a child I was often in the passenger seat of a car like this (a white one, though).

s-l1600 (2)

The car in question was most likely imported from Italy and placed before being put back on sale. It looks very nice although many details are incorrect, both externally and internally. However, we imagine that the Dahiatsu Turbo engine that produces 70 hp and its 5-speed gearbox are still the original ones.

s-l1600 (3)

The current Cromodora circles are very beautiful but they are not the originals (the latter had a very beautiful appearance); the interior was originally in fabric while now they have been upholstered in leather; the plastic side strips should not be shiny but opaque, however this car continues to have character even today. Find it for sale at $24,900 here in Terrebonne, Canada.


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