Need some money: 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale


Well, if you have stacks of money and a passion for Alfa Romeos, here is the holy grail of the Portello factory. Actually this car was developed by Franco Scaglione at a workshop a few kilometers from Portello, in the village of Settimo Milanese and, despite our research, there remains a mystery about how many were produced: probably no more than ten; in any case, if someone knew this, we would like him to share it with us and the other readers. In the ad there is only one photo of the car’s rear badge and nothing else. Now the fateful question: is the asking price fair? It is difficult to answer because the test bench for these rare cars would be an auction, a top tier auction, right? Find it for sale at €18,000,000 (today $20,085,881.72) here in Cattolica, Italy.


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