Flash inside: Simca 8 Cabriolet by Pininfarina


Although we have published other Simca 8s in the past, none of them was in the conditions of this convertible that looks like a real time capsule.


The seller says that this car has been brought in the US when his service was over very common in those years: That’s not the first time we read this story which was very common in those years.


It seems that the car is – apart from the duty due to the years – exactly like when it was brought to the US: it looks like an amazing survivor equipped with the “Flash” engine that had some more horsepower than the normal version; in addition to the splendid conditions (restoring this car would be a crime), the car also has a very attractive color combo. But there is a negative side: the seller has not published the asking price; we don’t usually publish ads without price but this time we decided that this car deserved an exception. Find it for sale here in Wommelgem, Belgium.


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