Little big coachbuilt: 1960 Fiat 600 “Granluce” by Viotti


Few cars built, fine finishes, based on a Fiat chassis and engine: it is the typical identikit of Italian custom-built cars from the 40s, 50s and 60s.


This identikit is also true for this creature of one of the most famous Italian coachbuilders, Vittorino Viotti, certainly not as famous as Pininfarina, Bertone or Vignale, but equally important: to understand how much, just think that all the Lancia Appia Cabriolets, despite having the badge Pininfarina (who designed that model), were built by Viotti.


In this case it is a Fiat 600 with a more sophisticated and elegant dress called “Granluce” due to the large windows: In addition to this model Viotti also produced the “Coupé” with only three windows, actually more sought after than the Granluce. However this remains a very pretty and rare car; the seller says that after being restored in Italy it was bought by the London Motor Museum and exhibited there. The seller says that the car is in good condition although far from perfect, it will be the next owner who will take care of it. Find it for sale at $29,500 here in Miami, FL.


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