No funds, no call: 1970 Plymouth Superbird


The owner of this Plymouth Superbird has been very clear: if you have the funds call, otherwise you are kindly asked not to disturb, and all in all it seems a right approach.


The seller, however, did not use many words to describe this car: he says he has a 440 c.i. (therefore a U-Code), with automatic transmission and bucket seats with console and, last but not least, this is recorded in the Nascar registry.


Of course, even some better photos would have helped to understand in more detail the conditions of this car that which, however, seem very good. Apparently there is not a fully restored car but a preserved car that has undergone some adjustments as the years go by: in any case, these are suppositions so, if you have the funds, call. Find it for sale at $125,000 here in Pine Bluff, AR.


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