Slab of England: A british collection for sale


There is a huge slab of Englad in Florida, it s made of a collection of cars and bikes, and they are all for sale.

The collection includes 21 cars and ten bikes and, from what we can see, bikes are in better shape than cars. Of course that doesn’t mean they are not interesting, we know well that, at the right price, everyting can be interesting. The selr has posted a lot of photos even though none of them are quite detailed, however they’re are enough to have a general idea of what is for sale. These are the lots and their prices:

60 MGA—–Creme-$6999

60 MGA White— $6999

60′ MGA-Red– $6999

64′ Midget– $4900

57′ TR3-Grey- $ 7999

75′ MGB–Maroon- $5999

74′ TR6-Yellow- $8999

59′ Austin Healey Bug Eye– $5999

59 MG Magnette–Black— $3999

51′ MGTD-Red–$8999

51 MGTD-Frame Only–$4999

50′ MGTD–White–$5999

50′ MGTD- Black–$5999

61′ TR3-Yellow– $13,999

59′ AH Bug Eye–Creme– $4999

AH Bug Eye–$4999

74′ MGB-Red–4999

76′ Triumph Spitfire-Green–$5999

MGA Red -$5999

53′ MGTD-Red-$8999

59′ AH Bug Eye-Red-$5999


49′ Sunbeam S8—Red—$8999

68′ Norton N15CS 745CC–Black– $8999

68′ Triumph Bonneville-$6999

68′ Triumph Bonneville-$6999

BSA Bantom– $6999

BSA Bantom–$6999

79′ Triumph 750 Special-$7999

71′ Triumph Trophy-$7999

76′ Suzuki 750-$2999

81′ Yamaha 550 Max-$2999

Find them for sale here in Clearwater, FL.

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