Bitter orange: VW-Porsche 914/6 GT Clone


That’s clear that this Volkswagen-Porsche 914-6 is a clone of the most famous car purchased by Jagermeister and used to advertise their company around the tracks. What many don’t know is that that car drove a fastest lap of 9:32.7 minutes on the Nürburgring Northern Loop during the 1972 German Grand Prix. The fastest 914 ever.


On the other side, this beautiful 914/6 has been built to be raced too and with the same, beautiful, orange livery. What we didn’t understand is if this this car was actually born as a 914/6 or it was converted later with a flat six engine: that’s actually not a detail because that changes its value a lot. Unfortunately the seller doesn’t say anything about it but that disability forces sale. Find it for sale at $42,500 here in Livermore, CA.


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