The wild bunch: A 1968-1981 Porsche 911 collection


Sometimes it happens that someone tends to accumulate a lot of stuff: porcelain signs, paintings, furnitures, fuel pumps or cars. This is the case a guy accumulated nine Porsche 911, some in driver conditions and some not.

So, what we have here are these nine cars:

1968 911 red driver$35000
1969 911E yellow matching numbers $35000
1969 911E burgundy matching numbers project $2000
1969 911T black slant nose project $19000
1970 911S driver $95000
1971 911T Targa conda green driver $25000
1972 911T Targa original light yellow $45000
1976 911 Carrera3.0 olive green $30000
1981 911SC red $55000

If we had to choose we would go on the Olive Green Carrera 3.0: a rare car and a very rare color, just followed by the 911S in driver conditions. Anyway, we believe that all thsese car are worth an inspection, at least to have fun. Find them for sale here in Billings, MT.


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