Little red Ferrari: 1965 ASA 1000 GT


The ASA 1000 GT needs no presentation for all the classic cars enthusiasts: known as the “Ferrarina” (little Ferrari), it has always considered as a little masterpiece.


Indeed who started this venture was sure that a little car with high performances could fill a market gap back in 1965 and he was even right: unfortunately the final price of this little coupé, equipped with a four cylinder, Ferrari-derived engine (even though Ferrari never admitted to have provided them), was way too much for the average boy.


This particular car needs, of course, to be restored but it seems that the restoration will not involve the matel which looks good: there are some issue on some parts missing like the instruments (where to find them? That’s almost impossible) and, probaly, the gearbox. Not an easy task then, but worth the effort. Find it for sale at €47,000 (today $58,000) here in Milano, Italy.


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