Peraluman 25: 1967 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1.3 S by Zagato


This Fulvia Sport was built by Zagato one one of the early Fulvia chassis, also known as “Leva lunga”, which is to mention the long shift lever installed on the first series.


The first specimens had a body made of Peraluman 25 which is a very light alloy made of aluminium and a little percentage of magnesium, quite easy to be worked but very delicate and expensive: for instance, it was the same material which the Alfa 33 Stradale body was made of.


This particular car is said to be a three owners car, the last one from 1983. In 1998 the car has been restored in Italy by Galbiati, a known Lancia/Zagato specialist, so that’s an old restoration but the car looks still great, probably because it has not been used much since. New exhaust, water cooler and brakes come with this light coupé. Find it for sale at €49,000 (today $57,000) here in Brescia, Italy.


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