Unusual bimmer: 1979 Alpina B7 Turbo


This Alpina B7 Turbo started its life as a common BMW 630 CSi – factory code E24 – then was given by Alpina a complete treatment, involving both the engine and the exterior.


Back then these were extremely expensive cars and indeed, only 153 of these were built between late 1978 and early 1982. It was rare to spot one even then, now this is an absolute rarity. 300 hp Turbo engine, 6.8 seconds from 0 to 62 mph and a maximum speed of over 155 mph (250 kmh) were huge numbers at the end of the seventies, and they’re not bad at all even now.


This car is said to be completely original but the seller added nothing apart from this. What we see, anyway, is a beautiful car which indeed looks beautifully preserved with all its features in the right places, including the odd paint which is a must for these Alpinas. We also believe that, having seen the prices of the best 635 CSi M for sale now, this is fairly priced if it’s as good as it seems. Find it for sale at €85,000 (today $99,000) here in Milano Marittima, Italy.


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