Modded: 1979 Fiat 124 Spider 2.0


We are not into modding, especially on classic italian cars which, in the vast majority of cases, don’t need any modern touch at all, but this time we’ll make an exception.


That’s because we find that this car has been modified keeping clearly in mind which are the limits of good taste, limits which, in our opinion, have been met but not exceeded. The object here is a Fiat 124 Spider which, still in our opinion, has brought out all its sporty character.


The first thing that comes to eye is that the bumpers (probably the ugly u.s. ones) have been removed: the remaining holes have been used on the front as air intake, on the rear they’ve been plugged with two big reverse taillighs from a ’61 Impala. Of course the car has got lowered suspension and bigger wheel, but we’re glad that interior has remained pretty original. The color is superb, but we would have had more hi-res photos to understand deeper how the job has been done. Find it for sale at $30,000 (or near offer) here in Los Angeles, CA.


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