Two-stroke beauty: 1956 DKW F93 3=6 Cabrio


3=6, in its original meaning, means that a three cylinder, two stroke engine is the equivalent of a six cylinder, four stroke engine. Actually that’s not false, especially if you hear the sound that these engines produce.


This car is an F93 cabrio which is quite a rare car as many of these that you find on the market have a metal roof, and most of them have not the spectacular color combo of this particular car.


This is said to be a barn find car which spent most of its life parked in barn/garage. It is also said to be an almost rustless car with 45,000 miles on the odometer. Other than that, it has new Tires, top (not in the correct material), headliner, brakes, gas tank and exhaust plus an extra engine and transmission. Find it for sale here in Ogdensburg, WI, with bidding at $12,000 and reserve met.


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