Palm Green: 1953 Porsche 356


These early Porsche 356 (a.k.a. Pre-A, although that was never used by Porsche to name its early cars) have always been sought but, especially in the last years, these fetch top dollars.


This particular car, originally painted in Palm Green, is for sale by a guy who’s always been involved in these cars, I remember I used to read many of his post on the 356 Registry forum since, at least, eight years ago. It looks like an honest car which has been partially fixed but the job is only in the beginning stage.


The car has not a matching numbers engine, on the other side the seller says that the actual engine is a rare 1500S from 1954 which is a quite good alternative to the original unit; other than that, basically what you see is what you get: there are many parts to retrieve and a lot of metal work needed but, for the Porsche enthusiasts with a full size wallet, it’s definitely worth it. Find it for sale here in Ravena, NY, with bidding at $70,000 and reserve met.

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