800 hp: 1972 BMW 3.0 CS Turbo


This car is actually a 3.5 litre CS because the original engine have been swapped with a later Motorsport 3.5 unit which, on top of that, is fed by a big turbocharger.


All these things together are said to produce 800 hp which is an impressive power even on a modern car full of electronic stuff which help the driver not to be killed at the first bend, we really can’t imagine how this car could behave if driven even at the half of the maximum power: probably a mix between a hooked fish and a runaway horse.


However, other than the engine itself, the whole car is in impressive conditions: we love how the car looks stock and elegant from the outside: it’s perfect in every way with a beautiful color combo: whoever restored and modified this car knew his job for sure. The price is high but – trust someone who’s restoring an E9 – you’ll never build the same car for the money asked. Find it for sale at €95,000 (today $110,000) here in Lempaala, Finland.

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