Retrospective: 1955 Cadillac Die Valkyrie by Spohn



Brooks Stevens, one of the greatest american industrial designers of the 20th century (he designed cars and bikes, along with kithchen appliances and other architectural items) is the father of this very special Cadillac.


This car was built on a 1954 Cadillac sedan chassis and so its proportions are huge: it’s a 22 feet long (6.70 meters) and the hood alone is 8 feet long (2.40 meters). As you can see the most outrageous part is he front bumper: we can’t even imagine how many hours were required to build it.


One of the feature of this car (one of two built) is that it has a removable hardtop, but basically everything on this car is very special: just give a look at the door panels to realiz how much work it required. The seller says that’s an unrestored car which had just one repaint: the undercarriage has not been photographed but we guess that rust is the least problem of this car. Find it for sale at $345,000 here in the Midwest.


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