More than clean: 1971 Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina



We know that it’s quite easy to find a 2000 berlina for sale, but it’s not easy at all to spot one completely restored at the asking price of this one.


Indeed using the word “clean” for this car is an  euphemism: this car has been restored to bare metal and then completely re-assembled from scratch. For sure the body is, the seller doesn’t say if the engine has been restored too but that’s quite possible.


There is not much to add as the car looks as nice as the seller says: medium grey with cognac interiors is also a very nice color combo: maybe this car deserved some more detailed photo but we believe that what matters is in the ad. Some doubts about how good the mag wheels (although period correct) fit but no more than that. Find it for sale at €16,300 (today $18,500) here in Colle Umberto, Italy.


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