Not steel: 1957 Byers Special SR100



Dual carbs, Navarro intake, Thickstun heads on a flathead Ford V8 is what pushes this beautiful fiberglass roaster built in 1957.


Actually this is another fiberglass car published in a very short amount of time but, unfortunetely, we can’t decide when special cars pop out for sale so here it is: another beautiful example of the fiberglass era started at the end of the fifties. The seller says that it is a quick car, although it has only a three-speed gearbox, and stops well too.


A car like tis one was featured on the front page of the Road & Track issue of February 1957, then defined as “The most beautiful sports car”: maybe that definitions is a little stretched but this roadster is undoubtedly cute. It just misses the hubcaps, the front grille and a proper paint job but basically everything is there. Find it for sale here in the “Midwest”, U.S.A., with bidding at $15,100 and reserve not met.

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