Expensive displacement: 1958 Fiat 600 Multipla by Monviso


“Never seen before” are the right words to summarize this car which is maybe one of the few, if not the only, survivor of a small series built by Monviso coachworks in 1958.


Indeed this is the first one we see one for sale, and maybe this is the only one in many years to come. We don’t know how many of these were built 60 years ago but we suspect that few were made and today this is actually an “hen’s tooth”.


Of course it was built on a Multipla chassis and engine as long as other mechanical parts but the “meat” here is of course the body, probably built in order to give to the passengers a little more space than the standard multipla could do. The seller says that this is the only specimen survived so far and we are prone to believe him: the asking price reflects that. Find it for sale at €67,000 (today $75,000) here in Rivoli, Italy.


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