Dutch oddball: 1985 Heynsdyk 2500 SF


We always liked who thinks “out of the box” like the builder of this roadster based on the solid Porsche 944 components: the transaxle Porsche is indeed known as a car with a great handling, in this case it had a new dress.


The builder of this car is Ronald Heijnsdijk in his shop, now closed, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. As just said he used the 944 platform giving it a new open body (no soft top available here) and around 300 kilograms less than the stock 944: what we have here is a 1000 kgs car with 163 hp: not enough to rip your hair off but enough to have a lot of fun.


The “barchetta” body is made of steel but, apart from this, all the rest of the car is Porsche with some small exceptions like the steering wheel badge or the door sills. It is said that 17 only of these cars were built before the company shut its doors: you may like it or not but for sure you will not see another one like yours at the next Cars and Coffee. Find it for sale at €44,900 (today $50,000) here in Etten-Leur, Netherlands.

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