Garage needed: 1964 Porsche 356 SC

The seller of this 356 SC says that the car has a matching numbers engine and that it sleeps in his mom’s garage since 12 years ago, unfortunately his mom wants her garage back.

The car should’t be bad at all: the seller says that when he purchased the car the 95 hp engine was just rebuilt, unfortunately this engine can’t be seen as he says that he’s not able to open the lid, so actually we only can use our imagination to figure how good this engine could look.

The car is said also to have zero rust and to come with a large stack of receipts which is a good thing. The chassis number is not provided either so at least you should ask the seller for a picture but otherwise the car seems to have nice gaps and interiors. Find it for sale here in Colorado Springs, CO, with bidding at $50,000 and reserve met.


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