42 years stored: 1966 Maserati Mistral


This Mistral coupé (chassis #AM109/A1 926), one of the last built with an inline-six, 4,000 c.c. engine, has been stored for 42 years and now it’s again available to the world of Maserati enthusiasts.


So this car should be what in the classic car market is used to say “a time capsule”: it seems that the car was driven until 1975 when, because of a fuel injector problems, was parked on jack stands and there it remained until today. There is still the original dealer in Milano, Italy! That’s a very intriguing story also because the owner worried about putting some moisture-absorbing crystals in the cockpit so the car doesn’t small bad inside.


The seller also says that prior to storage, the battery was removed, the water was drained from the radiator and engine, the spark plugs were removed and oil was injected into the top of the cylinders: if all this is correct, the engine could be brought back to life with minor issues, like cleaning the fuel system and replacing the engine oil. That’s truly a great thing to look at a survivor like this car. Find it for sale here in Portland, OR, with bidding at $30,000 and reserve not met.


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