Sleeping etceterini: 1946 Fiat “barchetta”


The seller of this car say that it was built by a known coachbuilder and that he has some kind of certificate by the builder himself about the originality of this car: we would so much know who is it.


What is quite sure s that the body is made of aluminium over a Fiat 508C engine and chassis: the seller says that the car is quite complete apart from the windscreen and the headlights which should be the same used on the Fiat.


Engine and gearbox are on the ground but the look original: a nice note is about the double carburetor setup which was not stock: clearly this car was built to run fast also because of its light body. What we didn’t understand is the right hand drive: almost every Fiat of that period were LHD and, indeed, the seller says (answering to a bidder) that it is but we clearly see the dashboard on the right side. Whatever it is, this is a serious challeng but absolutely worth it. Find it for sale here in Arenella, Italy, with bidding at $1,775 and reserve not met.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping etceterini: 1946 Fiat “barchetta”

  1. According to the current owner, this barchetta has been built by Falanga Garage, who later built the RAOR 1100.
    Funny enough I know this car for several decades… and no, it has not been built by the Falanga Garage. My former boss, Mr. Dollinger Senior, was the owner of an Opel dealer in my hometown, Erlangen in Germany. Beginning of the 60s he used an old Fiat chassis (#: 508 C 259 718) and fitted a BMW 326 pre-war engine (#: 326.4.01.100.C) and gearbox (#: 326.15.6001.11809A) to it. The body he built himself (made out of steel!) and Mr. Dollinger used the front fenders and headlights of an Opel Kapitän from 1951 (you can see the “crease” on the 6th picture in the carandclassic ad). The rear lights back then were from an Opel Rekord P2.
    As far as I remember it has never been registered.


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