Break-Fast: 1974 BMW 2002 Ti Touring


Ok this is not properly a car with a “break” body but for sure its lines are way far from the “common” E10 series which is a proper sedan body: this car is a fast three doors BMW.


The Touring body doesn’t conciliate people: basically you hate it or love it. We don’t think at all that’s a beauty but for sure this model has character, a lof of it which is missing by the 90% of modern cars. Moreover this is not a “common” 2002 but a Ti version: different compression ratio, camshaft and a couple of two-throat bendix carburetors.


Other than that, it is painted in one of the best colors made for these cars: it is called Fjord and it’s one of the best selling colors of the ’70s BMW. This particular car looks very well sorted: some parts like the air filter are missing and the original seats have been replaced with a couple of Recaro: not bad but we’d prefer to see the original equipment. The carbs are Mikuni but the seller says that the car is solid. Find it for sale at €15,900 (today $17,700) here in Ligueil, France.

2 thoughts on “Break-Fast: 1974 BMW 2002 Ti Touring

  1. This is not an ti version but a tuned standard 2.0 ltr. Now a 2.4 liter with sharper cam shafts. Tuned by Hollander in the Netherlands up to 210 bhp. the Seats are from Koenig, not Recaro.


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