67 made: 1955 Arnolt MG Coupé by Bertone



This Coupé is a mix among british tech and italian style; such experiment will not be the only one: we will see other attempts like this in the late fifties, when the Italia 2000 will jump on the market.  Both were designed by Michelotti, but the Arnolt body was built by Bertone.


And, like the Italia 2000, also this car lasted few years: probably the main reason was that MG could not provide more nude chassis and engines to mr. Arnolt who, then, decided to link its factory to Aston Martin and then with Bristol: these cars are the most known creations of Arnolt enterprises.


This particular car is said to be in need of a total restoration: actuallt the car looks in good shape but we all know how deceptive the photos can be. What is clear is that at least the interiors look original and in good shape, the engine bay is filled with the original (we suppose) MG XPAG engine which produces 54hp: not much even for the standard of the day. Even if it’s a slow car, this still is a very rare machine which is barely seen for sale. Find it for sale at €85,000 (today $96,000) here in Torino, Italy.


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