Plastic surgery: 1962 Maserati Sebring “A6GCS Recreation” by Giordanengo


The original Maserati A6GCS was built by Fantuzzi while this one has been built by Giordanengo, a known Italian coachworks specialized in building replicas (or recreations) of Italian sport cars of the fifties and sixties.

0287457443009This barchetta has been built on a modified Maserati Sebring chassis, along with 3500cc, six-inline, twin cam and twin spark engine from the same car: this engine is a masterpiece of Italian engineering and it produces a sexy sound: if you never heard it, I suggest you to go on YouTube to have an idea about how good is that sound.

0287457443007This looks actually a stalled project but the work performed so far is huge: a complete aluminum body with nice shapes, a modified chassis in order to accommodate the engine 40 cm backwards for a correct weight balancing, a five speed gearbox not installed yet a four Borrani wheels (even if front and rear come from two different cars). The car basically misses the windscreen, exhaust and some other bits but the majority of the components are all there. That’s not bad at all if you want an Italian toy to play with during the next two years. Find it for sale at €85,000 (today $97,000) here in Aachen, Netherlands.

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