Panoramic view: 1954 Fiat 1900 “Granluce” Coupé


More than a proper coupé this Granluce (something like “great light”)  is basically a two door sedan: actually back in the early fifties this was the cutting edge Fiat model just after, of course, the 8V.


And few knows that this car was originally designed to be pushed by the famous 8V Fiat engine, mostly because Fiat wanted to match the needs of the american market, however some math told Fiat that such assembly would have been too much expensive so they decided to increase the displacement of the 1400 inline-four unit to 1900 c.c: this last engine produced 70 hp. If this power seems low, just remember that this car was built few years later than the end of the WWII.


This model had however a first class equipment: a five speed gearbox, radio and an average speed meter: quite a machinery masterpiece. This particular car looks nothing but beautiful: the color combo is stunning and the overall conditions are better than nice: curiously it has a left hand drive which was, for Fiat cars, an optional as only Lancia produced RHD cars back then in Italy. The black plate is a nice touch but the taillights are not original: after 1959 many of these were replaced to match the new italian road law (before then, for example, turn lights were not mandatory). Find it for sale at €28,500 (today $31,000) here in Bergamo, Italy.


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