Low gravity, Lower chassis: 1955 Karmann Ghia Coupè



We are perfectly aware that these cars aren’t much loved by most people but a small bunch of passionate fans but, because we are part of these, it was obligatory for us to publish this very early KG.

Very early as 1955 was the first production year for the Karmann Ghia and in that year only 1282 cars were built and you could easily image that probably less than one tenth of them survives nowadays: this is one of those and it is said to have even its original engine which is something like a miracle.

The seller has published some photos including one with the first owner taken probably fifty years ago: the whole car looks pretty original, it has some superficial rust which has been removed but the car has been basically cleaned and put back on the road: the actual owner has installed a narrowed beam on the front suspension (beauty is in the beholder’s eye) but he says that the car will come with the original one. Nothing to say about this car which, if it has all the correct numbers, is a good deal at this price. Find it for sale at $16,000 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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