Misinterpretation: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce


Veloce means “Fast”, so this car in particular (chassis #1495F*03305) should be very fast as it is powered by a 350 c.i. Chevrolet engine and an automatic transmission.


Of course purists (and not only) will have goosebumps watching how deep this car has been modified: basically nothing remains of a Giulietta Spider but the body (bonnet not included) and the overall aspect of the dashboard which has been integrated with additional gauges.


The seller says indeed that some internal parts of the body have been modified like the firewall which has been cut to accomodate the big V8; also watching the car from the downside it’s clear that this car is basically unsalvageable: you must buy it and join it as is. At least, you’ll be the main attraction at your local italian cars show. Find it for sale at $19,900 here in Little Rock, AR.


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