Primed and swapped: 1966 Maserati Mistral Coupé


This car shares the same destiny which affected a lot of Italian cars in the U.S: a broken engine often implied a swap with a Ford/Chevy V8.

m1That’s even more odd for a car originally equipped with a magnificent DOHC, inline-six engine with a twin spark ignition setup. The strange thing is that this swap looks the first stage of a restoration which never ended: the car has now a three-speed auto transmission and the body has been brought to bare metal and then primed: that’s why that “Rusty” color.

m2Interiors are still there and that’s a good thing; the car comes along with a lot of little parts (especially trims), some MIE magazines and an original parts catalog: in the meantime the new owner shall worry about finding a correct engine, transmission, doing a lot of metal work (floors doen’t look good at all) plus finding a bunch of details which are rare and expensive. There’s an active bidding on this car but, even if you bring this home for less than $50K, we believe that the cost of restoring it could easily overcome the final value, mostly because it will never be a matching number car. Find it for sale here in Los Angeles, CA, with bidding at $6,000 and reserve not met.

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