Grey to the bone: 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal


We don’t know where does this car come from, as these cars weren’t imported to the U.S.A., but what’s clear is that this car has been sleeping form many, many years. What we don’t understand is its build year: the first Montreals given to the press are from March 1971 so we can’t understand how this can be a 1970 car.


Indeed this car was designed to fit a double SPICA fuel injection system to meet the D.O.T. pollution standard: it didn’t work at all: the Montreal is a kind of eco-monster, probably polluting the air like three Lamborghini Aventador put together. Said so, it remains a spectacular example of italian car design across the sixties and the seventies and, trust us, few cars in the world are head turners like this one, especially when painted in some bold color like the red or the beautiful orange.


As we just wrote, this car is frozen since many years: unfortunately the metal has rust problems but, apart from that, the whole car needs to be redone: interiors are gone and probably the engine need an intensive care. Fixing the engine and the SPICA could be expensive but not difficult, interiors are a little bit easier to restore but the big problems are about the body: forget to buy some new parts because nobody makes them: you must fix what you have without any help. The car is now under bidding but the asking price (seen on the seller website) is $39,500: in our opinion a little too much for a Montreal in these conditions. Find it for sale here in Los Angeles, CA, with bidding at $15,000 and reserve not met.

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